David McDonald adopted Miss Winkles and her brother, Rocky, in October of 2005 when they were ten weeks old. They both loved to run and play in David’s spacious, fenced yard. Miss Winkles was faster than Rocky, and enjoyed chasing him and tackling him from behind as they both would tumble across the grass.

Miss Winkles and Rocky would occasionally go to work with David at Pelco, where she was spoiled rotten by her huge fan club. She was a good traveler and went with David on one long trip to Cabo, Mexico. One night, she escaped from their hotel room and ran full speed across a big lawn towards the beach. After becoming a bit frightened, she ran full speed back....but skillfully attempted to avoid David and his inevitable scolding. Miss Winkles zoomed past him, sped back into the hotel room, and went straight under the exact center of the bed where she was safely out of reach. On this trip, she and Rocky had their own stools at the pool bar where they were served lean chicken breast pieces, much to the amusement of staff and guests.

Miss Winkles was very talented at we call risk/reward analysis. Once, she spotted a cookie on the bedroom nightstand when David was about ten feet away. After judging David’s likely reaction time, Miss Winkles leaped across the night stand in one lightning-fast motion, grabbed the cookie with her mouth in mid-air, and flew out her doggie door to enjoy her spoils....all just about one second ahead of David. About thirty minutes later, she carefully peeked through the doggie door to determine exactly how much trouble she was in. All David could do was laugh.

Besides being independent, adventuresome, and a little naughty, Miss Winkles was always loving towards everybody, with boundless affection and an expert way of being just too cute for words. This not only allowed for her mischievous ways to usually be quickly forgiven, but for us to remember her with fondness and a smile.

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